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Greg Jump

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As an 80s kid I naturally grew up skateboarding all day long, way before started riding motorcycles. When you can combine those two passions and do it like a pro - you are my hero! And so is Greg Lutzka who is a biker and a professional skateboarder. Also a very kind and open soul. There was no way I wouldn’t draw him doing one of his famous jumps! Also check out his motorcycle shop www.lutzkasgarage.com

High Quality Digital Print

Two different size options

- 42 x 59,4 cm /a2/ 16,5" x 23,4"

Satin paper 200gsm

- 29,7 x 42,0 cm /a3/ 11,69" x 16,54"

Gloss paper 180gsm

only 30 numbered units each

Hand signed and embossed

/Real colors may slightly differ due to different screen calibrations/


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